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She was supposed to be with me for my first baby, buying a house, etc. I had been on this site before and wrote about my loving Rico. I’m not sleeping as well since it’s happened. It may seem early but I’ve gotten another cat. We got a white darling girl named Asia but we had to take her back because she didn’t get along with my sisters cat or our dog, Chloe.

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Todd McNaab is a cynical, lower class cat owner of Rufus. He lives in a scrap yard, has many cats and is abusive to his cats. The 40-year-old man lived a happy married life with his spouse in Nampa, Idaho, United States. He was in a relationship with his lover for a long time. After some time of relationship, Steve Cash got married to his wife named “Celia DeCosta Cash”. Steve’s final Talking Kitty Cat video was posted on December 30, 2019, titled Sylvester Goes To Court.

Love you Rocky until we meet again my friend, your memory will always be with us god bless you and god bless us all. My 5 year old cat Joy died yesterday evening. I found her lying on her side under my car and though I knew she was dead I took her to the vet anyway. The vet said she probably died of a heart related disease. I will miss her so much…she was the center of my life. She was so affectionate and loving and my house seems empty without her.

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While it’s unusual, we can’t help but be inspired by these two furry pals, who have stayed together against all odds. I guess this cat’s heard of the old saying, “Out of the fire and into the frying pan.” Thankfully the stove was turned off when the cat decided to settle down for a nap. However, we’re assuming the pan had been placed there because the owner wanted to make something to eat. Cats sometimes go into people’s gardens to sleep on the warm, soft soil. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

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  • My husband found my best friend in the world, my cat Roxy, this morning in front of my neighbor’s home.
  • He’s famous for eating plastic and things so I checked to see if he was choking but found nothing.
  • Boo was only 5 1/2 years old and a perfect picture of health.
  • Harley loved the sunshine and would lie on her back with her legs straight up catching few rays.