Wellness Basics after Cleveland Center HealthEssentials-Logo

Wellness Basics after Cleveland Center HealthEssentials-Logo

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Desire to Boost Your Sex-life Following 55? It’s Not Just You

Conquer challenges as well as restore fun

Includes intercourse be much more concerning per task compared to a enjoyment? Or even even worse, includes that it be painful?

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For all females avove the age of fifty, all emotions is typical, states gynecologist Katie Propst, MD. Following menopause you’ll face a growing wide range of obstacles in order to intercourse, such as dryness then constriction associated with vagina otherwise health conditions such as for example diabetes as well as additional weight.

You’re not only, Dr. Propst stresses. This girl supplies the after suggestions to assist you to conquer problems to help you welcome one active sex-life perfectly into the seventies and also eighties. Continue reading “Wellness Basics after Cleveland Center HealthEssentials-Logo”