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So we feel like a jerk that is real now. I just got away from a serious relationship and am for the reason that amount of “what does all of it mean/finding my footing while dating” period.

Now issue, We’d been dating a fantastic woman for 30 days or two we got along well yet not extremely serious, no sex yet with no real full time dates just evening dinners and makeout seshes and stuff

I had a rough patch and variety of disconnected from every thing for a little, about 3 days. Recently I contacted her once more apologetically stating that I would been a jerk, however it ended up being one thing i recently had to find out. To locate her somewhat angry and hurt, and seeing one another once again completely out from the concern.

Had been I that cool? Whats the proper schedule for casual relationship? I am aware it absolutely wasn’t a move that is good my part, but i suppose i did not view it as that bad. The greater I think if it happened to me about it, the more I think I’d be bummed. So hive mind I want to have it thus I don’t make these errors once more in the future.

Did she make tries to contact you through that right time that you ignored? Did you break dates/plans which you made before-hand? I am able to undoubtedly observe how entirely disconnecting for 3 months would lead you to definitely not need up to now you anymore.

It isn’t a great deal in regards to a certain timeframe because it’s concerning the amount of interaction. At minimum saying, “Hey, i am alive and thinking about yourself, but actually really busy” once a might be enough to keep the interest going on her side week. Continue reading “Ask MetaFilter”