Ten Reasons We Won’t Utilize Social Networking Sites

Ten Reasons We Won’t Utilize Social Networking Sites

Editor’s Note: Most articles about using social networking sites are enthusiastically good. I thought it would be great to examine both sides of the coin, with two articles with opposing viewpoints today. One article points out of the good features of social networking. One other article, below, is from John L. Mariotti, whoever position on social networking is, well, not very good. And I also think John’s viewpoint represents the view associated with the great majority of businesspeople today — they aren’t prepared to take in the Kool-aid on social networking sites as of this daddyhunt net time (perhaps never ever). — Anita Campbell, Editor

By John Mariotti

— regardless of the very fact me off that I have always been an early adopter of new technology — or communications-based tools, social media turns. Once I think of why, at the very least 10 reasons spring to mind.

We have finalized myself onto a few inside their first stages — during the urging of friends — and that’s when We noticed why I would personallyn’t have any other thing more to accomplish using them, at the least until they get much further down their evolutionary journey and enhance measurably. Here’s why:

1. Personal Media/Networking can be a invitation to at the best, uncontrolled and permanent over-exposure, as well as worst, identification misuse or theft.

2. Many of us are drowning in a tidal revolution of complexity currently, and these social network internet sites get this to complexity worse by an purchase of magnitude.

3. Social media is within the evolutionary phase, and thus, every one of the internet web sites which exist now can change, evolve become either more helpful and safe or disappear completely. The classes is there in current history: Compuserve, very very early versions of AOL, Prodigy and all sorts of the other now defunct or otherwise transitory Web, e-mail or proprietary internet systems —

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