Texas Blue Catfish On Rod and Reel

Texas Blue Catfish On Rod and Reel

Rod and reel catfish guide trips for blue catfish can be obtained all long year. The blue catfish is the types of option for quite a few consumers. These seafood hit difficult, they fight difficult and they’re obtainable in big figures regarding the lakes you can expect our guided catfishing trips on. We catch a great deal of catfish between one and ten pounds and trophy catfish are normal all 12 months very long not in the top season for trophy kitties.

On rod and reel fishing trips for catfish we proceed with the present pattern for blue catfish making use of pole and reel baited with fresh caught shad, cut bait or also prepared bait from time to time these types of kitties will average between two and ten pounds with a few larger ones blended in!

The bite is great all round but the peak season for catching huge numbers of blues is in the spring from March through May year. Our springtime shallow water trips create fast and action that is furious will blow you away!

It is not your granddaddies catfishing. Us lazily hanging a cane pole over the side of the boat at night next to a glowing lantern waiting for a bite to happen you couldn’t be more wrong if you have an image of. We utilize our Humminbird 1198 electronic devices and regular habits of blues to pattern and see them through the entire 12 months and you’ll be amazed at precisely how and where we start getting blues through the entire year.

Texas Trophy Blue Catfish

Trophy catfish on pole and reel are caught on our catfish guide trips all through the year however the most readily useful time of the season to a target trophy course blue catfish on rod and reel come from October through March utilizing the best possible times being from mid November until mid March.

Once more, we catch trophy course blue cats on our trips throughout the year nevertheless the cooler months would be the time when they’re a lot easier to pattern and then we catch the greatest variety of trophy course blue catfish on our catfish guide trips. Continue reading “Texas Blue Catfish On Rod and Reel”